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Dance Orchestras of Czechoslovak Radio and Television
Taneční orchestry Československého rozhlasu a televize / Tanečné orchestre Československého rozhlasu a televízie
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AN independent, voluntary project and Facebook group, celebrating the quality and varied music - particularly instrumentals - of the former radio and television dances orchestras from 1950s - 1990s.

Taneční orchestr Československého rozhlasu v Prahe (TOČR)
Orchestr Československé Televize (Orchestr ČST)
Tanečný orchester Československého rozhlasu v Bratislave (TOČR)
Tanečný orchester Československej televízie v Bratislave
Orchestr Studio Brno (OSB)
Ostravský Rozhlasový Orchestr (ORO)

Specially composed music, Czechoslovak and international
standards, backing music for singers and instrumentals.

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Miroslav Brož & Vieroslav Matušík conduct the TOČR v Bratislave in 1978 and 1982 (© RTVS)

Below left: Logos of Czechoslovak radio and television
Logo of Czechoslovak radio
Logo of Czechoslovak television
Musicians gathered outside
Members of Orchestr Studio Brno pose for an LP cover in 1974 (© Supraphon)
Photo Gallery
Saxophone players on stage
Josef Vobruba conducting
Trombone players
Orchestr Československé Televize in 1981 (© Česká televize), Josef Vobruba conducts the Prague TOČR in 1979 (© Český rozhlas), Orchestr Československé Televize members in 1989
Two men in a studio control room
Man with a mixing desk
Musicians in a recording studio
Radio Studio 1, Bratislava, 1977: Monitoring and checking in the control room, and Miroslav Brož conducting the musicians in the studio (© RTVS)
Musicians in a studio
Piano and strings
Musicians from the TV dance orchestra in Bratislava, with Siloš Pohanka conducting the band in 1987, and the Bratislava TOČR performing in 1977 (© RTVS)
Image showing a Studer tape machine
Boxes of taped recordings
Five musicians
Multi-track Studer machine, and part of the tape archive, at the Slovak public broadcaster, RTVS, in Bratislava (© Martin Jurčo) and ORO musicians in Ostrava (© Český rozhlas)

Radio presenter sitting at a studio desk

We recommend!

Music from the various former Czechoslovak radio and TV dance orchestras - and others - features in Bez Slov (Without Words) on Slovakia's RTVS Rádio Regina each Thursday between 22.30-00.00 (Slovak time) with a repeat on Sunday 00.30-02.00.
Listen via Rádio Regina Player here

Left: Martin Jurčo in a studio at Rozhlas a televízia Slovenska (RTVS) in Bratislava (© MJ)
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Kroza Krokem CD cover
Buy TOČR Prague, ORO Ostrava and OSB Brno music from the Czech Radio website!

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ORO here

OSB here and here

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